Han Gengxin films were removed from file is how to return a resp

blicized on the Internet.Today was released the film from file message, han

geng and I also expressed frustration ove

r the Internet.Han geng return home till now, this is the

first time in a public platform said the low mood, it is un

derstood that this is not the first time that the detective hawthorne’s withdraw the

documents, today’s withdraw file is the second time, actor effort has not been retu

rned really love dearly, Han Gengxin film were removed from file is also caused the netizens’ hot!

  Really heartrending, drag drag film agai

n, small make up all feel tired heart, a good actor is always willing to so much

effort for movies, it’s really love han gen

g.New scene shot has been tense, squeeze time, run notice han geng, really is any

activity in the propaganda, the m

ovie will be immediately, is party time and again, again, has long been rinse han

geng, as an actor can really do it, all all, all

cooperate party, no publicity, withdraw file for many times, love han geng efforts to pay.

  New Year films market competition is too fierce, “detective hawthorne” this

movie is directed by zhou spreads, chi-lon

g to writer, han geng, Yin Zheng, candy chang, carina lau, xiao-dong guo, gain fung, actor, also provided, your so

ng, Zhang Yiqian star co-stars.Can be seen from the cast, the film should be no difference.The film adapted from the no

vel hawthorne entertaining, the adaptation of new overhead, the original s presents a whole new world view, sh

owing the famous legendary detective hawthorne investigation experience,

collection of modern fashion, fantasy, sus

pense, action, etc. Various elements through the film to create a new aesthetic concepts of Chinese cinema.

  But who know the real reasons behin

d, because the film is said to have problems suddenly withdraw, pay so much effort for film, film and so was for

ced to withdraw, and also do more than the busy propaganda so much effort, han geng this is a bad word get.Han geng ha

s always been a very hard very dedicated actor, don’t know the movie repeatedly withdraw file is called.Niche, ha

n geng is not flow through the ups and downs, there are also netizens have said love support han geng, no matter how h

an geng has been the best.Han geng then post “heart tired, helpless,” said han geng’s studio was said “we try our best.

But until now also not an official reason, do you know the integrity of the film from the real reasons behind?