The Japanese movie “love letter” are all the rage, now 95 version “love letter” will be Chinese remake, another world play nice cak

e is a little fresh irreplaceable, netizens have said “let go”, and will be destroyed in the hands of a movie.

“Love letter” will remake version of the news has been spread all over China, now the men a

nd women protagonist and finalized, the director will choose to take the form of recruitment, boot time in late June, 2

019, shooting period is two and a half months, the release time is February 14, 2020, still pretty good timing.

The Chinese edition, “love letter” behind the team is quite powerful, directed by director

of youth Liu Yulin, ang lee has previously worked with before, “crouchi

ng tiger, hidden dragon”, and Wang Hui will as a screenwriter, changed its name to “the love letter, summer”.

Whether the director who, regardless of the writers who, always want to do is to remake “

love letter”, want to know as Japan’s small and pure and fresh movie “love letter” has been broadcast more than 2

0 years of time, douban score as high as 8.8, the result can’t be transcended.

And another world level cannot be replaced in appearance, throughout the domesti

c traffic niche, although there is a level but not acting in appearance, want to go beyond another world is impossible.

After all, another world of temperament is irreplaceable, take the Chinese version of “lit

tle dragon female”, for instance!Everyone knows that l is a classic, after remake those never achieve the desired effect.

“Love letter” is a long long, not just for the first love young remembrance of emotio

n, but also a face to face with the emotion of outstanding works, let the fans of all ages.

Now remake is difficult to go beyond the original, some things is doomed to be a classic, s

cene, actors, age is coexists with the original, unforgettable, why bother remake Chinese version.

Eventually backfire, wouldn’t it be embarrassed, in fact, those wonderful memori

es was printed in my mind all the time, always someone destroy it, this is not a good choice.