?Guangxi, and setting up the museum offers a better way to expa

nd her influence. In the past, few collected these thi亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活

ngs systematically, leaving many items to be lost to history,” Xie says.

Currently, a total of 11 ethnic minorities live in Gu

亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活品茶微信angxi, making the local private museums that focus on the various ethnic cultures p

opular in the region, including the bronze drum museum in Donglan county in the city of Hechi.

The bronze drum is a traditional musical instrument used by some of the r亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活

egion’s ethnic groups, with a history of more than 2,000 years. Donglan county is kno

wn as the “home of bronze drums “because of the instrument’s prevalence in the area.亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活品茶微信

Built in 2011, the bronze drum museum exhibits 135 sets, which have been collected since the 197

亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活0s. The earliest bronze drum in the museum was cast during the Song Dynasty (960

-1279), while the most recent dates back to the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The drums are now mainly used as decoration in the local residences and played mostly during festive events.亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活品茶微信

“The drums look similar in shape but different in decoration, especially some of t

he ones with frogs, cows and horses on them,” says Chen Zhenyang, curator of the museum.亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活

Private museums have become an increasingly impo

rtant part of the country’s heritage landscape. In Guangxi alone, there are 59 non-Stat亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活

e-owned museums, nearly double the 31 such establishments recorded in 2013.

However, despite showing promise, some private museums in China face difficulties and cha

亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活品茶微信lenges. Compared to the State-owned museums, the limited op

erating funds and small exhibition areas often hinder their development.

Wu Weifeng, chairman of Guangxi’s museum association, believes th亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活

at many of China’s private museums are still in the initial stages of development.

“Undoubtedly, private museums play an important role in t亚博体育app在哪下载官方授权夜生活品茶微信

he whole museum system, as they have some exhibits which ca

nnot be found in the State-owned institutions. The developme

nt of such museums is generally a trend born of economic and social development,” says Wu.